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Explore the features of //JASMIN-ERP using sample data. However, you can also add and test your own data. If you have any questions, our expert team is here to help.

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Our extensive support page with videos and articles will assist you in setting up //JASMIN-ERP in no time and tailoring it to your business needs. Afterwards, modules can be modified and customized. Additionally, connections to other modules and new interfaces can be established.

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//JASMIN - ERP ensures significant time savings through the consolidation of your processes. These time savings result in directly measurable cost reductions. With time savings of 2.31 minutes per employee per day or more, the investment in the implementation of //JASMIN-ERP will already be amortized in the first year of use.

And that combined in a single system!

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//JASMIN-ERP serves as a cross-industry solution

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